TN700 'Duo' - The World's First Meat Press & Stuffer Combined in a Single Unit

02 July 2020

TN700 'Duo' - The World's First Meat Press & Stuffer Combined in a Single Unit

The TruNet Group is pleased to launch the World's First Meat Press & Stuffer combined as a single unit and a 'Duo' Loading System.

After studying the market we identified two major issues -

1. Our customers have had to until now buy a variety of machines to both stuff and press products. We felt this was a complete waste of valuable factory space and added extra cost to them. Our New TN700 'Duo' Press & Stuffer can press and fill into Casings, Net and now Casings & Net at up to 800 pieces per hour and then can quickly and easily be converted into a high speed stuffer, achieving speeds of up to 1200 pieces per hour.

2. Since Our Queen’s Award Winning Total Control Net has revolutionised the netting world, we have had customers who have continually asked if we could develop a way for them to use it directly onto plastic casing and or fibrous. Here we bring you, our 'Duo' TCN loading and stuffing system, that offers unrivalled calibre control and superb compression from a single loaded tube.

Both our new TN700 'Duo' Meat Press & Stuffer and our 'Duo' Loading & Stuffing System are the World's first and are sure to become the new Industry Standards.  

Find out more information on our TruNet (UK) website and view our Brochure and Video.  If you would like to hear more on our new TN700 Duo Meat Press & Stuffer or to book a demonstration please contact our TruNet Technical Sales Team by emailing or by calling +44 (0)1530 411275. Additionally, if you would like to receive a printed version of our Machine Brochure please feel free to get in touch.

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