New Innovations Launched at IFFA 2019

03 May 2019

New Innovations Launched at IFFA 2019

The TruNet Group is excited to be exhibiting with two stands at IFFA 2019, in Frankfurt, from 4th-9th May 2019. Both TruNet (UK) Ltd and Henry Winning & Co will be exhibiting at IFFA this year on seperate stands.

TruNet is committed to continual innovation to maintain the position as market leaders in the manufacture of meat netting, trussing loops and twine. As such The TruNet Group has developed a number of new products that have been launched at IFFA 2019. These products are as follows;

TCN Shrink and Shrinkable Nettings by TruNet (UK) Ltd

TruNet (UK) Ltd is excited to launch a range of Elastic and Non Elastic Nettings that feature single and bi-directional shrink capabilities. This innovative new product can shrink by up to 50% of the original netting size, and the level of shrink can also be controlled by temperature. Demonstrations of this new product will take place on the TruNet stand throughout IFFA.

Flame Resistant Loops and Netting by TruNet (UK) Ltd

TruNet (UK) Ltd has developed a range of flame resistant trussing loops, twines and netting that can be used in extreme temperatures such as charcoal rotisseries and BBQ's. This patented innovation utilises aerospace technology to produce products that can withstand temperatures of up to 450°C

TruNet TN700 Double Stuffer

Our New TN700 Double Stuffer Machine is one of a series of game-changing products we will be showcasing at this year's IFFA. This machine is part of a new range of double stuffers, presses and net loaders, including stuffing machines with netting auto cut. The TN700 features a fast tube and mould change system and 700mm netting tubs to reduce tube changeovers. This machine is perfect to use with our 2019 Queen’s award-winning TCN netting.Edible Twine by TruNet

Edible Twine by Henry Winning & Co 

Henry Winning & Co is excited to launch a new string developed with our partners at Viscofan. This new Edible Twine is 100% bio-degradable and is very strong making is suitable for both machine and hand tying applications. This new Edible Twine is produced in the Henry Winning & Co BRC Grade AA accredited facility.


To find out more about our new range of products, then please contact a member of our team on +44 (0)1530 411275 or email

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