Total Control Net & Tipper Tie collaboration reduces labour and increases consistency

22 April 2016

A recent collaboration between TruNet Elastic Netting and Tipper Tie has produced excellent results for a major UK meat processor.

The customer had reached a crossroads with the production process of their Wiltshire ham which did not use tumblers or phosphates to assist with binding therefore, making consistent product compression challenging. The system they were using to form their hams was antiquated, requiring multiple stages of physically demanding manual labour to produce the desired results. The customer recognised that they needed an automated solution to remove the manual work. Also, to improve the consistency in the product.

The answer was found in Tipper Tie's small and compact TN4200, featuring a servo-powered compression breech for packaging whole muscle meats. The consistent product compression from the TN4200 improved slicing yield when paired with Total Control Net, the only net with a pre-fixed diameter, achieving consistent diameter across the entire length of the ham. As a result of this new-found uniformity, the customer has experienced an increase in slicing yield.

The TruNet Group's patented Total Control Net, is the world's only elastic netting with a pre-set fixed diameter. This unique product is a revolution in netting technology.

The benefits of using Total Control Net...

  • Pre-set calibre netting
  • The control of a casing, the power of netting
  • A netting that eliminates variation in product size
  • Control the maximum diameter of your products before netting
  • Achieve higher yields
  • Saves money
  • Suitable for whole muscle and emulsified ham production
  • Emulsion stuffing with TCN and Collagen Foil, aids high speed production and increases productivity whilst reducing breakages

For more information about Total Control Net, contact our sales team on 01530 272396 or email

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