Henry Winnings growth following acquisition

03 March 2016

Henry Winning is at present undergoing a large investment programme. The factory is currently having state of the art equipment installed in order to streamline the manufacturing processes throughout the facility, this should see us able to move into even more lucrative markets worldwide.

Henry Winning & Company is one of Europe's leading twine and string manufacturers. The company has been producing quality twine and string for over 135 years.

Our products are used in butchery, packaging, sewing, baling, craft and gift, general food and recycling industries. We produce 1 million metres of string and twine each and every day from our ‘Grade A’ BRC accredited UK factory, which is set to increase following the installation of the new equipment.

With this unrivalled experience Henry Winning provides a complete range of natural and synthetic twines in a huge variety of colours, sizes, thicknesses and specifications including many custom one-of-a-kind products for a multitude of packaging and food requirements.

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