About The TruNet Group

With history going as far back as 1880, the award-winning TruNet Group are recognised as innovative leaders in the production of elastic netting, loops and twines.

The TruNet Group consists of TruNet (UK) Limited, TruNet Packaging Services Ltd, TruNet Poland Sp.z. o.o., TruNet Vietnam Co. Ltd and Henry Winning & Co.

The TruNet Group is an international business, operating globally with manufacturing sites located in England, Scotland, Poland, Vietnam and North America. It's manufacturing sites produce netting 24 hours a day with around 100 million metres of net produced globally. In addition, TruNet is the only netting manufacturer in the world with BRC accreditation at multiple sites.

Through their use of cutting edge technology, large scale production and an innovative research and design team, TruNet ensures that customers benefit from low costs, unrivalled quality and an extensive range of products that are responsive to the diverse needs of its growing customer base.

The TruNet Group - UK netting manufacturer