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With history going as far back as 1880, The TruNet Group are recognised as innovative leaders in the production of elastic netting, loops and twines. The Group consists of TruNet (UK) Ltd, TruNet Packaging Services Ltd, TruNet Poland Sp.z. o.o., TruNet (Vietnam) and Henry Winning & Co.

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Welcome to The TruNet Group, through our companies TruNet Elastic Netting and TruNet Packaging we are world leaders in the manufacture and supply of Elastic and Non-Elastic Meat Netting, Elastic Poultry Loops, Twine and packaging materials for the food and horticultural industries.
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TruNet (UK) Limited is a Worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of Elastic and Non-Elastic Netting, Twines and Trussing Loops. TruNet have manufacturing facilities in in England, Poland, Vietnam and North America and is the only netting manufacturer in the world with BRC accreditation at multiple sites.

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TruNet Packaging Services was formed in 2006 and has rapidly grown to become a major supplier to the UK food packaging industry. TruNet Packaging offers an extensive variety of products including; sausage casings, ingredients, packaging supplies and butchers' equipment.

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Henry Winning & Company is one of Europe's leading twine and string manufacturers, that have been trading for over 135 years. Henry Winning & Co is the only BRC accredited twine manufacturer in the UK, producing 1 million metres of string and twine every day.

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TruNet Vietnam Co Ltd was formed in 2000 as a joint venture designed to offer an enhanced level of service to our customers in Asia and Australasia. This BRC accredited facility can produce all of the products that TruNet UK can produce and the manufacturing facility has benefited from steady growth year on year since its inception.

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TruNet Poland Sp.z o.o. was established in 2015 following the company's expansion into European markets. Lodz, Poland has provided an ideal location for the new BRC accredited manufacturing facility due to the vast textile experience of employees located in Lodz. This joint venture will primarily serve the Eastern European market whilst supplying extra production to the UK operation.